Who we are

Our mission

Together, our mission is to foster the development of a sustainable digital economy that generates employment, stimulates entrepreneurship and is capable of responding innovatively to the challenges posed by technological advancement, as well as to the growing needs of consumers. Through an aggregating vision, we seek to identify, promote and share good sectoral practices which meet the expectations and needs of all agents involved in our value chain, from platforms to couriers and business partners to customers.

Ensuring the creation of an innovative, vibrant and sustainable ecosystem involves promoting the creation of a comprehensive dialogue platform that allows open, informed interactions between all those involved, including legislators and regulators, in order to find legislative solutions to the challenges of the digital world, effectively and concretely. This includes defining a fair regulatory framework that creates competitiveness and includes everyone, working towards the digital transformation of the national economy.


What we do

We work to stimulate innovation and competitiveness in the digital economy in Portugal, promoting opportunities for contact between different agents within the community.

Within the scope of our mission, we consider our priorities to be:

  • Fostering transparent and informed debate about digital platforms and their activities, working closely with legislators and regulators, encouraging informed reflection on this digital economy and its unique and distinctive characteristics.
  • Ensuring that the legitimate aspirations and ambitions of all players within the ecosystem are considered when establishing the public policies regulating the sector, including those of the professionals who provide their services through the platforms.
  • Ensuring the sharing of credible information about the sector and its stakeholders, promoting the carrying out of studies and other means of gathering knowledge.
  • Supporting the various agents within the ecosystem in their search for and creation of best practices to ensure customers receive the best experience and service.

We believe that only through fair and transparent policies, aligned with our age of technological innovation, will it be possible to overcome the challenges of the digital world and create competitive business models adapted to the needs of all those involved in the value chain.